Putting Batch in Queue


The more I use RT, the more I like it.
I just figured out how to apply a recipe from a single image to the whole lot in one fell swoop, which I thought pretty amazing.
Then, I looked around in RT for such a command, and read several pages in RawPedia, but could not find instructions on how to put the whole bunch in the queue with a single command.

I ended up clicking the little gears icon on each individual image.

Is there a means of applying the “place in queue” command to a whole list of selected images at once ?

Thanks for reading.

(Mica) #2

Highlight the images you want to queue (Ctrl + click), then press Ctrl + b, or right click one and select Send to Queue


Thanks ever so much !!!

I am going to write that down and tack it above the monitor until it is absorbed into my skull.

Appreciated !

(Peter Lavender) #4

One technique I use is to process the images and then ctrl-a (all) and then ctrl-b to put in the queue, then let it run.

If I have a mix of images I’m happy with not happy with. I’ll give each one I work on that I like a star. Then filter by the star number and again ctrl-a ctrl-b to send to queue.


You are doing this in the editor, right ?

Thanks so much.

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

@BuckSkin in the File Browser or in the Filmstrip.

(Peter Lavender) #7

@BuckSkin, as @Morgan_Hardwood said, it’s in the film strip.

So I am in the editor tab, with the film strip along the top of the screen.

I use this technique when I have a lot of images to go through, typically after a day shooting field hockey.

I’ve actually found that digikam works well for me in this instance, as I’ll tag and rate the images in digikam. Once rated, I’ll filter on the stars, typically just the one, and create a new folder and drag those into a ‘filtered’ folder.

I’ll then open RT up and go straight to the folder working through the processing there. Given the large number of photos and some that simply don’t make the second viewing, I’ll star these in RT and use the above method of once completing all images, I’ll filter in RT and from the film strip, ctrl-a ctrl-b to move to the queue.

For other times when I have a few photos from a smaller set of images, say out in the back yard, I come back with 20 or so, I’ll not bother filtering the images. I’ll open RT go straight to the editor with the film strip at the top, open each image, if it’s a keeper to be processed, I’ll make my changes, star it and then ctrl-b to the queue. Once done, just flick over to the queue tab and start it off.


Thanks for the explanation.

I will practice with these instructions and see how I fare.

(Rah1861) #9

I have a follow-up question that is related to what is being discussed in this thread. Say I have taken 20 raw images, I look thru them and use RT to modify 4 - i.e. 4 of them have a big green check mark in the corner of the thumbnail in the File Browser. From what I am reading in this thread, to export those 4 images, I have to first go thru and select each one (ctrl-click on each), so that I have only those that I modified selected. Then I can put them into the queue using ctrol-b.

Unless I am missing something here, I am very surprised that there doesn’t seem to be some mechanism for me to put ALL THE IMAGES THAT HAVE A BIG GREEN CHECK into the queue.

I mean, why do I have to select each one first - why isn’t that big green check enough of a selection?? Is there no “put modified images into queue” or perhaps just “select modified images” (and then I can put them in the queue myself).

It almost seems that the best way to handle this is that as I modify images, I should immediately put each in the queue instead of waiting till the end. I can do this, but I am surprised that I cannot dump them all into the queue at the end without going thru a tedious selection procedure.

I am hoping I just haven’t noticed some easy thing…

(Mica) #10

You are correct. I usually just select them at the end of my session and batch them.

The green check just means there is a pp3 present. If you open an image in the editor, it gets a pp3 file. I have pp3 files for lots of stuff I never exported

(Rah1861) #11

OK, thanks, paperdigits. I guess I’ll just export right away any image I want to export (or at the very least put it in the queue right after working on it). Otherwise, I am liking RT very much. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Morgan Hardwood) #12


  1. Your premise is that one usually wants to put all images “with a checkmark” (i.e. have a sidecar file) to the queue, but that is not usually the case. Simply opening an image in the Editor makes it have a checkmark, so one usually ends up with more images with a checkmark than one wants to process.
  2. One can filter the images visible in the File Browser by various things. One of those is having a green checkmark, another is seeing all unsaved image. So you could filter for all images with a green checkmark, ctrl+a to select them all and ctrl+b to send them to the queue. See point 4 in the annotated screenshot http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/The_File_Browser_Tab

(Rah1861) #13

You nailed it, Morgan - I did not see that filter at the top for “Show edited images” - actually I did see it, but for some reason I thought it didn’t work when I first tried it (brain freeze, I guess). It is EXACTLY what I wanted.

As far as merely opening an image causing a green checkmark, yeah, I’ve noticed that myself. I suppose that is because it applies an Auto Levels exposure adjustment to anything you open (at least with raw files it does; perhaps not with jpgs). This is pretty misleading, I think (makes you think you modified it), so I usually clear such images before going on to the next image (right mouse on the thumbnail, then Processing Profile Operations > Clear).

Anyway, thanks for the help!

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

It’s true that the default processing profile for raw files has Auto Levels enabled, but that is not the reason for the checkmark appearing. The reason is that simply opening a raw file means that RawTherapee must process it in some way in order to show it, and that way it does that is by using the default processing profile for raw photos. When you close a photo, the current settings are saved so be there when you re-open it. And so you end up with a green checkmark by simply opening a photo.

I am personally not a fan of that behavior, same as you. There is a branch which aims to fix that, but it had issues which haven’t been fixed yet: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/tree/SaveStrategy