Question About White Balance 'Presets' ?

Hi all, new here and hoping someone can answer what may be a very simple query.

I won’t pretend to be an expert - I’m teaching myself RawTherapee processing by trial and error, been at it for a year or so now and starting to get a good feel for how it works and getting the results I want.

The other night I swear I somehow accessed a whole load of ‘White Balance’ ‘presets’ or ‘templates’ outside of the standard selection in the edit function. They appeared on a left drop down menu a bit like the existing options for e.g. Fluroescent or Lamp when you hover over the arrow ‘lookup’, however there were a lot more built-in options including one for ‘extreme’ or ‘heavy’ shadow which I selected for an interior shot with a lot of shadow and it immediately adjusted the image to demarcate the layers of shadow very effectively.

Apologies if this is a common subject and well known, but for the life of me despite trying every possible way of getting back there I’m completely unable to now find out what/how I did this. I can only see the standard White Balance options. I know I didn’t imagine it, and perhaps it wasn’t actually a White Balance function but somewhere else altogether but if anyone has any idea what I’m talking about I’d be very grateful for some pointers!


The White Balance tab comes with a bunch of presets to be found under the Method pull-down button. I’m assuming that those aren’t the ones you are looking for.

That leaves one other possibility that I know of:


These can be found in the edit window under Processing Profiles. These aren’t WB specific presets though. But I’m presuming for the moment these are the ones you ran into.

BTW: Welcome to pixls!

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BUNDLED PROFILES !!! Thanks so much, that was exactly what I was trying to find. :slight_smile: