Queue - Additional Batch Features

I’d like to see some additional features added to the queue export window.

Max width: Resize the image so it fits a maximum width. The image would keep the same aspect ratio.

Max height: Resize the image so it fits a maximum height. The image would keep the same aspect ratio.

Percent change: Resize the image by some percentage. The image would keep the same aspect ratio.

Watermark: Select an image file that will be placed as a watermark on the output.

Watermark Horizontal Location: The horizontal position where the watermark will be placed. At a value of 0 it would be butted against the left side of the image, while a value of 100 would have the watermark butted against the right side of the image. The specific formula would be something like Watermark_XPos = ((ImageWidth - WatermarkWidth) * HorzLocation / 100)

Watermark Vertical Location: The vertical position of the watermark, similar behavior as what was described for the Watermark Horizontal Location.

Watermark Size: Sets how big the watermark will be on the image. At a value of 100 the watermark will fit from one edge of the image to the other edge. At a value of 50 the watermark would occupy half that size. The watermark should always keep the same aspect ratio. At a size of 100 the watermark should fit within the image, it should not be larger than the image.

Watermark Opacity: Specifies how transparent the watermark is on the image. At 1 the watermark is barely visible, probably invisible to the human eye. At 255 the watermark is fully visible, though any transparency layer built into the watermark file is still applied as intended.

B&W: If selected then the image should be output in greyscale, otherwise it should output in color.

Hi & welcome!

Probably best to open a feature request on Github.

@Lowkus Thanks for the suggestions and welcome to the forum. As Mica said, our GitHub is the right place for feature requests.

The Watermark is a long-standing feature request (#833). Judging from the amount of replies and how often I have seen this request in other places, I think this is a niche feature with a low priority to implement.

Resize controls on the Queue do not seem to have been formally requested (I cannot find an existing issue for it), but I have seen it mention before. It does make sense to decouple the resize controls from the specific image to a ‘global’ setting, but what is a solution for you will inevitably mess up the workflow for somebody else. Still, this could be a valid request, for example when we start to put serious thought into RawTherapee 6.0.

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This could perhaps be done with a checkbox, making it an override that must be explicitly turned on - which would eliminate most potential negative impacts on other peoples’ workflows that I can think of?