Quick question about amending module defaults in darktable

If I always want to use Markesteijn 3-pass in the demosaic module instead of the default 1-pass, is the correct way to do this just to create a new preset and set it to automatically apply to all Fujifilm raws? Or is there a different way to amend the module defaults?

Similarly, for modules with multiple layout options (e.g. color balance), is the right/only way to set a new default layout by creating a preset and setting it to apply automatically to all raws?

in the absence of a “set as default” option, I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed anything.

The more specific you make the rule(s) the better, but darktable is smart enough to ignore a rule if it cannot be applied. Example would be: A general rule to set demosaic to Markesteijn 3-pass. This will be ignored and fall back to the default for sensors that do not work this way. Having a rule for both might be best in this example.

And you can be specific: I have lens rules for specific body+ specific lens combo’s for example.

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