Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.11 is released

As per usual, download here.

- Added CentOS 7.5 as supported Linux distribution. See the release notes for installation instructions.

- Add weekday as locale’s abbreviated and full name to file renaming and subfolder generation options.

- Correct mistake in fixing bug #1775654: optional dependencies listed in setup.py as required.

- Fix bug #1787707: install.py does not handle installer tar path with spaces.

- Improve detection of openSUSE in install.py script.

- Better handle file managers that do not allow the selection of files using command line arguments, which is important for desktops like Mate, LXDE, and XFCE.

- Provide sensible fallback when system erroneously reports default file manager.

- Updated Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Dutch, French, Japanese, Kabyle, Norwegian Nynorsk, and Spanish translations.


Thanks, Damon.

I experieced a nice, smooth update - all I had to do was open the application and agree to update. :trophy:
Many thanks for your quite brilliant utility which you quietly (i.e. without fanfare) keep brilliant. I think, maybe it deserves a fanfare: :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: !

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thanks for the new release @damonlynch! i can confirm the debian maintainer is working on getting the package updated already as well.

Thanks everyone.

I am contemplating adding a new option to instruct the program to ignore time zones. Currently if you take photos in one timezone and download them in another, and the photo or video records the time zone, then the program will adjust the date/time to match the current time zone. However it’s not that simple. The thing is most photos and videos do not record the time zone. Some do. On some cameras, the video records the timezone but apparently not the photo. The whole situation is rather complex and quickly becomes really confusing. I don’t even recall if the file renaming / subfolder creation will currently use the adjusted time or the original time. But for sure the Timeline and thumbnail tooltips use the adjusted-to-local time.

In any case, when I think of use cases, in most I would want to ignore the timezone. But who knows some might find it useful, so I’d like to turn it into a preference option.

I forgot to add, any idea when Debian is defaulting to Python 3.7? 0.9.12 (as yet unreleased) contains an important fix for Python 3.7.

I am not sure. It might take a while, because the release introduces the async keyword which actually breaks a lot of stuff in Debian.