Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.15b1 is released

This beta release contains several important and meaningful bug fixes. If all proceeds smoothly, it will graduate from beta status when translations are updated. I encourage you to download and test it if at all possible, because I am expecting 0.9.15 will end up in Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian and openSUSE.

  • Fixed bug #1829145 where Rapid Photo Downloader could no longer access
    cameras, phones and tablets because other applications using had gained
    exclusive access over them. Most file managers, including Gnome Files, use
    GIO to gain control over cameras and phones as soon as they are plugged in.
    Rapid Photo Downloader therefore must instruct them to relinquish control
    before it can access the device. GIO / Glib changed the way paths were
    generated for cameras and phones in a way that was incompatible with
    libgphoto2’s port nomenclature.

  • Fix bug #1818280: sqlite3 database is locked while adding thumbnails.

  • Fix bug where thumbnails were not being displayed for jpeg images on cameras.

  • Fixed bug where scan process was failing to extract sample metadata from
    photos, which is needed to determine the time zone of the device being
    downloaded from.

  • Fixed bug where installing into a virtual environment on Ubuntu 19.04 would
    fail due to not mandating the installation of GObject introspection runtimes.

  • New Python package requirement: tenacity.

  • Removed restriction on Python package Tornado’s version limit.

  • Improved “Report a Problem” dialog window to include more details.

  • Updated Italian translation.

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@upintheair if you could test this release that would be very helpful — one of the bugs fixed is one you reported. I’ve not been able to replicate it on my combination of hardware, so that makes it difficult for me to test :wink:

I tried 0.9.15beta1 and downloaded 168 files (.NEF and .jpg) and afterward tried to close RPD but unfortunately, I still get the ‘not responding’ message with offer to wait or force quit.