Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.19b1 is released

The reason for this releases to improve high DPI support, i.e. 4K and other high resolution screens. Hopefully the final release of 0.9.19 will be ready in time for Ubuntu 20.04, so if you have a high resolution screen please test this out as soon as you can and report back any success or failure. You need to have screen scaling enabled on your desktop for it to work.

Downloaded from the usual location: Rapid Photo Downloader: Download and Install

But when you run the install script, specify you want the development version:

python3 install.py --devel

Running the install script Instead of allowing Rapid Photo Downloader to automatically update itself means you get the latest version of PyQt and Qt5, which has improved high DPI support.

I have not tested it on desktops with fractional scaling. (For now at least, Gnome on Ubuntu 19.10 is 1x or 2x scaling!!). So let me know if you are able to do that.