Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.19b2 is released

Please don’t be afraid of the beta tag! It should be as stable as any other release. In fact this release contains many fixes. Download it here.

If you want HEIF / HEIC support, you need to use the install script instead of the builtin updater.

Changes in this release.

  • Fixed a bug where thumbnails would not be able to have their checkmark set on
    or off with the mouse on recent versions of Qt. See details below. Thanks to forum member @nosle for first alerting me to the problem.

  • Improved visual appearance on high DPI screens.

  • Added HEIF / HEIC support. See details below.

  • Added support for CentOS 8 to installer script (helpful for @zag). Dropped support for Fedora 29
    and older. Installer script no longer installs PyQt5 from PyPI on KDE Neon,
    because KDE Neon PyQt5 package is always up-to-date.

  • Added ‘__MACOSX’ and to list of paths to ignore while scanning a device for
    photos and videos, and if the list of ignored paths is customized, add it
    and ‘THMBNL’ to the existing list of ignored paths.

  • No longer look for photos or videos in any directory on a camera or phone
    that contains a ‘.nomedia’ file.

  • Made Timeline and thumbnails render more quickly and accurately on displays
    with fractional scaling.

  • Fixed bug #1861591: install.py should handle cases with no LANG variable set.

  • Fixed bug #1833525: when using the filename and subfolder name preference
    editor, under some desktop styles the example file and subfolder names would
    shrink to the extent they would be truncated.

  • Fixed bug where Rapid Photo Downloader would crash when the Preferences
    dialog window was closed with the escape key.

  • Fixed bug where under some desktop styles the right side panel would always
    be open even if it had been closed when the Rapid Photo Downloader last

More details:

  • Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.19b2 introduces a bug fix when running on versions
    of Qt 5.12.7 or newer. The bug meant Rapid Photo Downloader failed to respond
    to a thumbnail checkmark being set on or off. The fix is automatically
    applied when Rapid Photo Downloader detects Qt 5.12.7 or newer. To override
    this behavior and manually set the bug fix on or off, set the environment
    variable RPD_THUMBNAIL_MARK_FIX to 1 or 0, respectively.

  • To be able to download HEIF / HEIC files, ExifTool 10.63 or newer is
    required. To be able to view their thumbnails, a version of Debian / Ubuntu
    or Fedora / CentOS that is is new enough to provide HEIF support libraries is
    required. Currently thumbnails for 10 bit HEIF files fail to render, but
    future releases of libheif and its Python module pyheif will support them.

    Note: HEIF / HEIC support is installed only if installing the program
    using the install.py script. If you have upgraded Rapid Photo Downloader from
    an earlier version using the program’s builtin updater, HEIF / HEIC support
    will not be installed.