Rapid Photo Downloader 0.9.21 is released

This release focuses on bug fixes. Download it from the usual location: Rapid Photo Downloader: Download and Install

The online documentation has also seen some work. Please by all means let me know if there is anything in the documentation you’d like to see improved!

As an aside: I very much hope this release will make it into Ubuntu 20.04. This is important because it’s in the Universe repository, which means it will never be updated during the lifespan of Ubuntu 20.04. Plenty of high-profile distributions are based on Ubuntu 20.04 (Mint, Elementary, Pop!_OS, etc.). I still get bug reports from users reporting bugs in the by now rather old version included in Ubuntu 18.04 — bugs that have long been fixed.

Fixes in this release:

  • Added an option to extract photo metadata (including thumbnails) using only
    ExifTool. (See screenshot below)

  • Fixed bug #1869065: Debian Buster can’t find package

  • Fixed bug introduced in 0.9.20 when resetting program preferences back to
    default values in the Preferences Dialog window.

  • Fixed bug #1870566: Missing default locale causes startup failure.

  • Fixed a bug where the number of photos and videos for a camera or phone would
    not be displayed under the devices section if the preference value “Scan only
    specific folders on devices” was not enabled.

  • Reinstated creation of build directory in setup.py if the build directory
    does not exist.

  • The install.py script will now only try to copy man pages to system man page
    directory if the same man pages were not previously installed.

  • Simplified release notes by moving content online documentation.

  • Updated Czech, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

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