Rapid Photo Downloader filled Ram and froze my system

Rapid Photo Downloaded has completely taken over my system RAM and my system is frozen. If I kill the process will the app remember where it ended or will it have to start over. I have 8gb of ram and a Swap partition which should be sufficient. Any suggestions before I kill the process?


Operating System?

It depends on what it was doing at the time. Was it creating thumbnails? Downloading files? The downloaded files will still be there, but some sequence numbers may not be saved.

How many files were you dealing with at the time, by the way?

Sorry, I should have been more informative. The operating system is an Ubuntu 18.04 derivative Peppermint 10 and was downloading onto a 3 terabyte storage drive.

It was in the process of downloading files and I’m estimating there were probably a thousand files. I didn’t realize until later that many of them were RAW files and the total download was large. I eventually had to kill the process because it seemed like there was no other option. Even pausing it didn’t allow the memory to unload. When I restarted the process the next day the program scanned again and picked up where it left off.

I’m very new to Rapid Photo Downloader and just beginning to understand what it does. I have to say I’m impressed with it so far.

I have more than 15,000 photos rescued from a corrupt drive and was not looking forward to the process of sorting them out. I divided them into smaller groups, about 500 or less at a time and downloaded them from one drive to the storage drive via Rapid Photo Downloader and it has saved me days of tedious work.

Thank you for your responses.

No worries, happens all the time!