Rating from Exif


I select my pictures using Digikam or Geeqie, which stores the rating in the exif of the file.

In rawtherapee I can filter by the rating but in ART it’s not working… do I need to setup any setting?

This how works in rawtherapee https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/File_Browser#Rating thanks!

rating is not read from exif at the moment. I will look into adding this option. If you can set Digikam to write ratings to XMP sidecars, ART should be able to pick those up though.

That would be great👏

I will try check the sidecar option.

But i prefer exif since directly in camera I rate many times the images of my customers.

Love ART so far that’s the only last missing piece :wink:

I managed to make it work with sidecars but not as comfortable as using the EXIF. Maybe you can use the code from rawtherapee?

this should now work in the latest master, FYI

nice!!! I hope I can test soon I am preparing a youtube video about my open source workflow for professional photography and I will be talking about ART a lot!! but will be in spanish…

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I know a smattering of Spanish and I would be really interested to watch it.
Please, post a link on this forum when you are done :slight_smile:

Bwt, as you are probably aware, a brand-new clone-tool (not present in RawTherapee yet) has been recently added to ART.
I suppose your audience (myself included…) would be interested to have it explained in your video :slight_smile:

You can consider English subtitles :wink:

ah, you might need to reset your arp files (or edit them and delete the Rank entry in the [General] section)

hehe I will do! my audience is spanish people mostly. https://www.youtube.com/chema_photo https://www.instagram.com/chema_photo/

I have not tested the clone tool, I use ART for RAW develop and small changes like levels, tones and bulk apply changes. not much more. The rest I do in GIMP. I am not a professional editor… not really good in editing truth to be told.

thanks! I might contact you before doing the video :wink: thanks for the great work. Congratulations.

auto generated maybe heheheh I rather do the video entirely in english. I speak better than I write. thanks :wink: