raw.pixls.us - in-camera star ratings?

In Filmulator I support reading the rating from Canon raw files.

But I don’t have any rating examples from other brands, because the only cameras I own with rating support are Canons.

Is maintaining a collection of rated files something that could be in scope for raw.pixls.us? Ideally it would be the same file, rated 0 through 5 stars and copied separately onto the computer each time, for easy diffing.

First and foremost, you are using exiv2, right?
Don’t they have an api to return the correct value?

That being said, this seems rather wasteful diskspace-wise to me.
You don’t need the entire file, you only need the exiv2 ex-produced files - just the metadata,
and those are really small.

Is there an API for rating that works for all cameras? I can’t seem to find any.

I think it should be part of exiv in the long run