raw.pixls.us zip download issues

I’m trying to download your raw sample archive at raw.pixls.us using the ZIP archive link - no luck so far, download stops at about 20-22GB of 26GB every time. I tried multiple computers and browsers, same behavior, and I’m on a gigabit connection so timeout on my side is likely not the problem. Any ideas?

Suggestion: Set up an alternate download using Resilio Sync, for entire archive as zip as well as for uncompressed catalog.

Oh, and thanks for publishing all these samples!


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Just use rsync?

  1. listing via rsync rsync://raw.pixls.us/
  2. to download rsync -av rsync://raw.pixls.us/data/ raw-pixls-us-data/

Just curious … what will you use the data for? what kind of project?

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paging @andabata to have some rsync documentation on https://raw.pixls.us/

Ten years ago I built my own photo editing software, with dcraw included. I’m in the process of porting the codebase to Android and iOS, went looking for more raw samples to complete my own repository.

I will give rsync a try, thanks for the tip. Just note that the download link fails every single time, so posting the link on the home page is just misleading.

well downloading 22+GB via a zip file is less than optimal in any case. especially for repeated downloads to get updates.

Are you grabbing the files for monochrome? (that is your project no?)

I still believe Resilio Sync has its merits, as it is peer-to-peer for efficiency, and quite resilient.

rsync aint peer to peer but it is very efficient at fetching updates to a large file tree.

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Okay I tried the proposed rsync arguments above - looks like source is links so all I got was copies of said links. I had better luck with these rsync options:
-b -r -L -v

Yep monochrome. And yes separate files is a relief for sure :slight_smile:
I’ll see what I can contribute, don’t have many cameras here so I don’t own most of my test files.

This monochrome?

Yes, you can also access the data via rsync, and indeed those are symlinked files
you can also use https://raw.pixls.us/data/

You can also bribe me and i’ll send it on 5"25 floppies :slight_smile:


Yep. Haven’t updated that site in a while.