Raw Samples Wanted

(kevin) #64

Attached is a RAW file from the new Nikon Z7, I get “failed to read camera white balance information” when I try to open with DTDSC_0005.NEF (62.5 MB)

(Mica) #65

If you agree with all the stipulations on https://raw.pixls.us, and the Z7 sample isn’t already uploaded, please upload it there. I don’t think DT has Z7 support in the current 2.4.4 release.

(Roman Lebedev) #66


There already is a fully complete sample set for that camera.

(Roman Lebedev) #67

FYI (although it is offtopic in this thread), that camera is now supported in darktable git master.


[quote=“LebedevRI, post:1, topic:5420, full:true”] We have a list of cameras with non-CC0 sample, so if you happen to have one of the cameras listed there please consider contributing the full raw sample set for us!

I was led to this post from RawTherapee-dot-com.
I see that the request is a year or so old and may have already been fulfilled.
I don’t know how up-to-date the list is, but I did see my camera(s) listed in the non-CCO sample list.
Canon Rebel T3; aka 1100D; aka KISS x50; we have two of them.
I didn’t see a description anywhere; what defines a “full raw sample set”? How many total images ?
I do not have a registered copyright; does this automatically make my images CCO?
Before i ask too many questions, do you still need Canon Rebel T3 images ?
My available lenses are Sigma 18-250mm HSM Macro, and the 18-55mm and 75-300mm that came with the camera, plus a 18-270mm Tamron that has stripped A/F gears (it will still manual focus).
Does the lens used matter?

(Roman Lebedev) #69

These things will never be complete :slight_smile:

From the https://raw.pixls.us/
up-to-date list of certainly-missing cameras
up-to-date list of non-CC0 samples
Those lists are auto-generated, and are correct.

Yep, the sample for Canon Rebel T3 needs replacing (NOT 1100D).
And the sample for KISS x50 is missing completely.

It’s all described on the first page of https://raw.pixls.us/
Basically, for that camera it’s just one sample.

For us, only the checkbox “I declare that I own full rights to this file and I hereby release it under the co license into the public domain.” in upload form matters.

Just pick the nicest sample :slight_smile: The “guidelines” for these samples are, again, listed on https://raw.pixls.us/


EOS 1100D = EOS Rebel T3 = EOS Kiss X50
Even though the Canon 1100D is exactly the same model as the T3 and KISS x50, do you still need samples from each designation variant ?

(Roman Lebedev) #71

That is what i said, yes.

(Emre Safak) #72

Is the raw sample request for the 5Ds current, because I submitted a set months ago? The ones on RPU are labeled “please upload more stabler set :)” What does that mean? Sharper, as captured from a tripod, or does my contribution take care of it?

(Roman Lebedev) #73

Yes. Only the direct contributions to RPU count. Uploading elsewhere does not help.

The current images are taken basically hand-held, with much variation between the images,
in low light. So it would be good to get a new full set, that does not suffer from all these problems.
Notice full - all 3 images taken from tripod, of the same landscape-y thing, in normal daylight.


Hi Roman and others,

Just uploaded 4 Canon CR3 files with the same settings but with the 4 combinations of RAW vs CRAW and with and without Dual Pixel RAW. The file sizes are:

  1. RAW: 34.6 MB
  2. CRAW: 19.2 MB
  3. Dual Pixel RAW: 63.9 MB
  4. Dual Pixel CRAW: 34.8 MB

I went over all 4 aspect ratios as well: 16:9, 4:3, 3:2, and 1:1 (16 files in total).

This brings the total to 16 files. Is there any need to include the aspect ratios as well as they have (of course) similar sizes? It can’t be a simple switch or variable. The Dual Pixel RAWs are 63,921,756, 65,285,807, 65,619,634 and 65,464,405 bytes for example so a 1.6 MB difference between the smallest and the largest.

(Roman Lebedev) #75

Thanks, but we already have the full sample sets for Canon EOS R and M50.
What we are missing is full set for SX70HS.
(Cross ref with https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=23296.msg210330#msg210330)



Thanks for responding. That means you do not want the other EOS R 12 files?

(Roman Lebedev) #77

No, thank you, there is already a full set of 16 samples, no real need in a second set i think.


OK. If you need them just contact me. Success!

(pphoto) #79

I am using the Opencamera app on my LG G5 android smartphone which is able to save RAW files (DNG). Are samples from smartphones desired?

(Morgan Hardwood) #80

I need a few raw photos showing a moiré pattern for documentation purposes. If anyone has such a photo and is willing to share, please state that you took it and that you’re releasing it into the public domain when uploading.

(R) #81

I have just uploaded a Panasonic GH5 file.
Let me know if that has helped.

I can create plenty more images if needed :)!

(darix) #82

did you open the bug as well?

(R) #83

I didn’t do anything on GitHub if that’s what you’re asking.
Don’t have an account there, figured posting a message here would be enough to get someone to pick up my sample.

Do I need to do something else?