Raw Therapee 10_9_64_5.7.dmg

I installed it on my MacBook pro with Catalina 10.15.1 and I can’t access in folders or drives at all. When clicking on any folder in the file browser nothing shows. I clicked the arrow down and on top of the item and everywhere around the item and still no files are shown. My raw files or pics are located on another column called “2TB Drive” which is an external drive connected via USB. I even put in a few pics into my local drive under pictures and nothing shows there either.

I thin go down to preferences to see if something isn’t turned on and go to file browser and clicked the file folder under other and when licking on the 2TB Drive it comes back with an error that says " could not read the contents of 2TB Drive Error opening directory ‘/Volumes /2TB Drive’ operation not permitted.

How do i fix this? It should have been any easy install using the DMG and then open the program and it should work but it dont work.


Catalina has really locked down the file management system on Mac. RT has not yet been fixed to alleviate the issue. There is a workaround you can use. If you start the application through the terminal it will ask for the permissions when you try to access the external drives.

I can’t really use RT on my Mac due to 4k screen performance problems but I believe once you start it through the terminal once you will be fine. Worst case you need to start it from there every time until they have a fix in place.


Thank you