Raw Therapee 5.8 installation difficulty on Windows 10

I posted this elsewhere on this site last week, last week, and have just found the correct Raw Therapee forum, so this might be a better place to ask.
When I tried to install Raw Therapee 5.8. I got the error message that I’ve inserted in this post. There wasn’t a contact for the Raw Therapee devs on their site, so clicked on link to forum, and landed up here…are there any Raw Therapee support people here? Or does anyone else know how to fix this problem please?

Raw Therapee install error - Copy

Thanks, Jay

Did you install RT with administrative permissions?
The Fonts folder is a system folder. You might try to click “Ignore” and see if the GUI looks strange without. Or try to install it from the RawTherapee\Fonts folder by double-clicking it