Raw Therapee 5.8 Installation error message Windows 10

I just tried to install Raw Therapee 5.8. I got the error message that I’ve inserted in this post. There wasn’t a contact for the Raw Therapee devs on their site, so clicked on link to forum, and landed up here…are there any Raw Therapee support people here? Or does anyone else know how to fix this problem please?
Raw Therapee install error - Copy

I may be wrong but might be worth ensuring that your anti-virus isn’t stopping it writing to files. In Avast you can add it to the list of accepted programs under settings.

Hello, Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply. I can’t add Raw Therapee to list of trusted applications, because I can only do that if the application is installed.
The error message I posted happens during installation process, which as a consequence of the error message, was not completed.
If I knew what the problem was, and that it would be ok to ignore and install, I would do that.
But because I don’t know what the consequence would be of that, I took the option to cancel the installation.

Add the RawTherapee installer to your antivirus’ white list first and see if you can complete the install. Then add the application itself.

Thanks for your reply…That sounded like a good idea and I just tried it - but it made no difference - I got the same error message as before. I don’t usually have troubles installing apps. I wonder why Windows objects to Raw Therapee accessing? adding? a font during installlation.