Raw Therapee appears to be applying an image profile on RAW images, even with the profile set to neutral.


Essentially, it isn’t letting me edit the actual raw image, even with the picture profile set to normal.

I have no idea what’s causing this - I’ve been using Raw Therapee for raw image editing for over a year, always with the same camera, and have never had this problem before. I’m editing photos shot on a new lens, but it seems unlikely that that would cause the problem.

For reference, here is the raw image as pulled up in FastStone image viewer:

And here is the same photo as it pulls up in Raw Therapee - note that the image profile is set to neutral:

I’m at my wit’s end here - it really is missing the point of a raw photo editor if I can’t edit the actual raw photo.

(Mica) #2

Have you clicked the Reset button under Exposure? Looks like it is auto matching the embedded JPEG.

(Alberto) #3

can you please share the raw? thanks


Just nitpicking, but there is no such thing as a raw image. Raw files contain data, not images. The software has to interpret that data somehow to generate an image to edit (*). That also includes assigning a profile to the image.

(*) Yes, you could also interpret the image as greyscale Bayer data. But that’s neither practical nor getting rid of “interpreting”.


Based on the FastStone image, I would say that the photo is way over exposed. Therefore, RawTherapee’s display maybe right for the neutral profile. As requested, post the raw file so others can take a look.


looks like your camera is setup with Sony’s S-log gamma correction, this is what Faststone displays. RT of course ignores it and displays the image at 2.2 gamma like it should.


Here is the raw file:
_DSC6383.ARW (23.8 MB)

To be clear, I’m getting this problem with all of the files I took on this same trip, including, for examples, photos taken at night that are definitely not over-exposed.

Thank you for all of your help!


I posted the raw for the photo from the original, but specifically on the issue of that photo being potentially over-exposed: I’m having the same issue with all of the photos I took recently, including ones taken at night that definitely aren’t over-exposed.

Thanks for your help!

(Alberto) #9

I don’t see anything strange… for reference:


I don’t know FastStone and I can’t try it as I’m running Linux. Maybe it’s a dumb question, but why assuming FastStone is “right” and RT “wrong” ? (as much as “right” ans “wrong” can be defined in such a situation)

(Alberto) #11

@atdamle did you try resetting the camera to the factory settings? maybe you enabled something that affects the raw data? (I have no idea of what, though)

(Alberto) #12

…and just so that you don’t blame OSS tools (kidding :-), here’s Capture One Express for Sony with a “linear response” curve:


If you try dcraw -D -4 -T DSC6383.ARW, which exports the grey bayer data, you would see that the image has that much contrast.


(Glenn Butcher) #14

Just to make sure I knew what the actual raw data looked like, I opened your raw in rawproc with a special setting for libraw, where it just copies the unmodified data out of the raw file, so I could see the real raw histogram:
So the data is in the program as 32-bit floating point, converted from the 16-bit integers of libraw. The histogram is scaled 0-255 for convenience, the upper spike is at about 66, so to get that out-of-camera value you do (66/255)*65535, which is 16962, or somewhere about the 14-bit limit of what I’ll assume your camera sensor captures. So, your image data looks to be well-spread between your camera’s capture limits, with some clipping on both ends.

I re-opened the image with raw/linear/no scaling, so the only processing is dcraw-style white balance, and it looks like this:

Makes me wonder more about what Fasttone is doing…’

(Alberto) #15

nothing fancy, in fact. it’s just showing the embedded jpeg. I’m actually wondering what the camera is doing, instead :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s definitely looking like whatever weird processing is going on is my camera’s fault rather than Raw Therapee - would it possibly be something weird going on with my new lens?


Examine the metadata. I don’t have a Sony camera, so I don’t know what to look for. At a glance, I notice:
Scene Capture Type : Standard
Software : ILCE-6300 v1.00

  1. Type shouldn’t affect the raw but try setting Type, Contrast, etc., to as neutral as possible.
  2. Try resetting the camera or updating your firmware. It is at version 2.01 currently.

(Mica) #18

Possible but not probable that it is the lens. Perhaps you had used spot meter on a darker part of the image?


It’s not so much right and wrong as Faststone is displaying what I’m used to seeing when I bring Raw photos from my camera into RT.

Looking at the other comments, I’m starting to think that the difference is coming from my new lens. I wouldn’t have thought the difference would have been that noticeable, but it would make a lot of sense otherwise.

(Andrew) #20

I looked at this too, why don’t I get on with more important things!, anyway, my RT 5.4 is saying it’s somewhat over exposed, but more significantly perhaps, “ExposureMode” says “Manual exposure”. Is that a surprise? What is your new lens out of interest? “Metering mode” says centre-weighted, so right on the boundary between the brightest and some quite dark parts, but then if manual exposure…