Raw Therapee missing spot removal v5.8 release??

Hi all,
Installed v5.8 of Raw Therapee. Works great. Would be better if there was a spot removal feature (I have to use GIMP today). According to the RT manual, there IS a spot removal tool:

But it sure is missing in v5.8 (Sept 2021 downloaded). What gives? It’s supposed to sit in the Detail ‘tab’ in the Editor - I have a screen shot where it is not there… (funny how a forum on photo editors cannot link photos in these posts!)

Any help, would be welcomed! thanks.

Hi @queuerious , the spot removal tool is in the development builds and will probably be included in 5.9.
Btw it is easy to post images here

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You can get a dev version here :

Mac : kd6kxr/ – Keybase.pub
Windows : RTW64NightlyBuilds/ – Keybase.pub

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