Raw Therapee missing spot removal v5.8 release??

Hi all,
Installed v5.8 of Raw Therapee. Works great. Would be better if there was a spot removal feature (I have to use GIMP today). According to the RT manual, there IS a spot removal tool:

But it sure is missing in v5.8 (Sept 2021 downloaded). What gives? It’s supposed to sit in the Detail ‘tab’ in the Editor - I have a screen shot where it is not there… (funny how a forum on photo editors cannot link photos in these posts!)

Any help, would be welcomed! thanks.

Hi @queuerious , the spot removal tool is in the development builds and will probably be included in 5.9.
Btw it is easy to post images here

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You can get a dev version here :

Mac : kd6kxr/ – Keybase.pub
Windows : RTW64NightlyBuilds/ – Keybase.pub

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I just tried release # 5.8-3049-gd053f02455 that has spot removal.
It marked out spot and repair location but would not complete the function.
I tried many variations of clicks, control left and right click in and out of the repair areas.
read instruction 5 times. read Rawpedia instructions which are different. would not work.

press “strg” while marking the spot to remove and then drag the mouse to the repairzone…

What do you mean by this?

I have the latest development version and I do not have any issues. Here’s an example of the process: