Raw Therapee RAW button empty

Can someone help - I’m in a pickle!
I’ve been using raw therapee occasionally to digitise some old negative. I’ve been using version 5.7 very happily. Today I noticed that there is a version 5.8 which I downloaded and installed. Again, started using it with no problems.
Then I saw that V5.7 was still installed so to keep things tidy I uninstalled it. Now when I run V5.8 there is nothing under the RAW button at all, just an empty panel.
I uninstalled V5.8 and reinstalled it without success, so now I’m at a loss - I cannot at the moment use the program on my negatives and don’t know what to try to recover the situation.
Be grateful for any pointers or suggestions.

Hello and welcome to the forum!
Sorry to hear about your trouble with RT.
What operating system do you use and what version of RT did you download and from where?

Hi Stefan
Thank you for your speedy response.
I have to admit to my shame that I panicked un-necessarily - I have made an embarrassing novice’s user error: The file of negatives comprises jpg and raw versions of each negative, and of course they all look the same in the preview: I was stupidly trying to process the jpg, so of course the RAW options were not relevant.
Everything is now good.
Thanks again, and I’m very sorry to waste your time!


No problemo :slight_smile:
Enjoy RT 5.8 it’s a gem