RAW Therapee won,t start up

I installed both RAW therapee and Lighttable, but both programs won,t start up. I use Windows 10 pro and just do as i am told while installing. I had the problem before, but then it started up some time, and than it did not start up. This is the same for bothe programs. I have a modern computer with 500MB ssd and a AMD Ryzen 6 core. Plaese help as it drives me crazy. Thanks Henk Vastenhoud

Are you using Windows Defender or other antivirus software?

Also what is “lighttable?”

I also use win 10 pro 2004 and I have no problems. And yes, Defender is active.

Thanks for your support. I mean of course darktable. I have a extra virusscanner, but if i turn it off it makes no difference. I heard something about the folder it should be in. It is in programs . Is that OK?

I just tryed it again and it started up. I will try again this afternoon. Best regards Henk

This should give you some ideas regarding what to try:

I have a similar issue with v5.8, but it eventually starts. It brings up the File browser window but stuck there with the title bar saying “RawTherapee 5.8 (Not Responding)”. After about 4 minutes, It starts and “(Not Responding)” goes away. This is repeatable every time. I am running it on Windows 10 Enterprise edition on Intel i5-8350U with 16GB RAM. It starts much faster on my previous, slower machine with 8GB.

This almost sounds as if you have network attached storage or very slow external hard drive that RawTherapee somehow needs to access, possibly through some slow Windows subprocess… Or maybe your folder holds thousands of files? Or maybe your thumbnail cache is huge, or located on a relatively slow hard drive?
A lot of options, hard to diagnose…

I have not attached my hard drives to this new machine yet. It has Onedrive cloud which I don’t use for photos. My slower machine has one SSD, one SATA HD and one USB3 HD, but this new machine only has an SSD for now. I checked task manager, and when it’s not responding, it shows RT using 0% CPU, 118MB RAM, 0% disk and 0% network. It seems to be waiting for something rather than too busy in doing something.