RawTherapee 5.8 opens a particular CR2 file as a black image

Whenever I open CR2 images in RawTherapee 5.8, they normally show up fine. However, a particular image just comes up black. Windows photo viewer can view the image fine as well.Pods.CR2 (21.9 MB)

Camera is Canon EOS Rebel T5

Hi @Chris_and_Jenny_Iris and welcome!

I wonder if you might have missed something when copying/moving the file? Here is what my RawTherapee reports:

Pods.CR2: Corrupt data near 0xe98a4a

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I did a standard cut and paste to my hard drive. Is there another method?

Copy and Paste is considered safer.

Funny, I just learned the lesson of the dangers of cut and paste the hard way.

Which doesn’t mean it cannot be recovered from the card as long as it wasn’t broken in the first place and is not yet overwritten…

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I eventually found some crippleware recovery software that did the trick, and got my files back, but still was an anguishing experience, as it took 10 hours to scan my external hard drive.

Edit, actually looked at the link and it looks much better than what I was using. I will keep photorec in mind. Awesome to hear about the developer responsiveness with the hdr raw file fix, too.

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