Rawtherapee already very good, even without sharpening and denoise

(Michael) #1

To my great surprise, I realize, that RawTherapee already makes excellent pictures, even if I have not set any sharpening or denoise filter. I used Auto-Matched Curve and than I disable Noisereduction. The results seems to be even better than developped with Darktable, with filters. The raw (rw2) files are made with Panasonic DC-G9.
Can this be?


  • It seems kind of subjective, and depends on if you are talking about viewing on a monitor in-program, or producing output for the web/print/etc. I usually use sharpening (R-L deconvolution) and rarely use denoise, although when I do, it’s not always using the denoise tab, as the wavelet tab has denoise functionality, and certain RAW demosaicers have denoising advantages over others.
  • I went from Canon’s DPP3 to RawTherapee before thinking about buying software. It seemed so deep compared to Canon, and when DPP4 came out, I tried it a few times and found it laughably simple and slow as a row boat. Of course RT doesn’t do everything Canon can do with Canon CR2’s. Fortunately there is a suite of free tools out there that can cover some of the bases :baseball: :cricket_bat_and_ball: .
  • Tried darktable a few times. Parts of it are nice in a GIMP interface sort of way, but I always preferred the power of RT.


Did you check this at 100% view?

(Michael) #4

Yes, I check the jpg at 100% view.
But now, I see, that the good result comes because I used Auto-Matched Curve - and I think, there are already al lot of funcions or filters.


No, it’s only a tone curve. No other tools are involved.


Auto-Matched Curve is a brilliant addition - I’m back to Rawtherapee from Darktable because of that :slight_smile: