Rawtherapee Appimage and the use and installation of .dcp profiles

I am still learning my way around RT and have come to the .dcp profiles as I am have great fun trying to get normal colors from the DNG images I have.
I have retrieved 3 .dcp from Adobe for the “camera” I am using in RT right now (Huawei P30 Pro). I am running Linux Mint 19.3 and RT 5.8 dev 2178 appimage. In the Rawpedia manual it says the .dcp should be in /usr/share/rawtherapee/dcpprofiles/ but I dont have such a folder and also the auto select under color management is greyed out (screenshot). The only folder I have with profiles is for my own .pp3 in /home/user/.config/RawTherapee5-dev-ai/profiles/
Is that because I am using an appimage?
I have learned how to load .dcp under color management using the custom choice. But is there a way to enable auto select as well? Is it even an advantage? I have feeling that it is easier perhaps navigate to the .dcp and make a .pp3 for each .dcp as described in rawpedia https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Creating_processing_profiles_for_general_use would that be correct?
Lastly - on the .dcp - Where are the RT provided .dcp hiding as I understand that RT ships with a load of them already (for real cameras I guess).
I see there is a very similar topic here Rawtherapee appimage and custom DCP Profiles but it never got a reply (hoping for the best this time around).dcp appimage
Not too long I hope.
Kind regards Mint

As far as I know, the auto-matched camera profiles are profiles built into the kernel of Raw Therapee. These are not additional files.


No, auto-matched means loading dcp/icc files for the camera. What you mean is Camera standard, which in fact is built into RT.

Unless the raw file (dng) has embedded dcp? At least thats the hint of the tooltip?

The hint is about the colour matrix embedded in the DNG, not about an embedded dcp or icc (don’t know if such files exist at all)

oops, didn’t think that one through!

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I think the best way to automatically load your dcp profile for your camera is as follows:

  • load an image from your camera in RT
  • apply the Neutral profile to it
  • manually assign the appropriate dcp profile to the image
  • (optionally) make any adjustments that you will perform in all your images (a.k.a. your own defaults)
  • in the Editor tab, show the info of the image (shortcut: i)
  • write down how RT recognizes the name of your camera: the first part in the first line is the name of the camera, followed by an empty space and a + sign
  • save the pp3 profile (take note of the folder where you have saved it!)
  • go to «~/.config/RawTherapee5-dev-ai/profiles» (this is where your dev appimage settings are saved in your Linux Mint system)
  • copy/move your recently created pp3 into that folder
  • go to Preferences>Dynamic Profile Rules and create a New rule
  • in the dialog box, select your custom pp3 in Processing Profile>My profiles
  • check the Camera textbox and write the name of your camera, exactly as you wrote it previously
  • leave the rest as shown by default
  • ready! Next time you load a new image from your camera RT will automatically apply that custom pp3

Thank you! That sounds spot on…perhaps I can recommend it going into the RawPedia manual. And I learned more things along the way on how RT does things. Kind regards Mint

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Dynamic Profiles are already in the documentation http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Dynamic_processing_profiles

Hi - OK thank you for the link. Learning and learning.