Rawtherapee.com is down

(Andrew) #1

This site seems to be down, I assume people are aware, it just seemed odd there were no posts about it here on pixls.us (well I didn’t spot one…)

(Mica) #2

There is a temp page that looks like a retro terminal up for me. Is it completely down and unreachable for you?

(Pat David) #3

Yes, we got a little better response on the 5.1 release than anticipated, so their database got mad and revolted. @Morgan_Hardwood was able to get that holding page up so at least it doesn’t 404.

It’s likely to be updated this summer at some point to hopefully alleviate this problem as RawTherapee rockets upwards to world raw editing domination (the yin to darktables yang?)! :smiling_imp:

I blame all of the Pentaxians looking for that sweet, sweet Pixel Shift editing.