RawTherapee development builds (Windows 10): date of their release

Hello everyone,

I would like to download the latest development build of RawTherapee for Windows 10 (64 bit).
On RawPedia [1] I have read some more information about these builds.

To download them I have looked into this web-page:

How can I gather the exact date of their release since it is not clearly listed in their own “label”?

For instance, just take:
On the one hand, I suppose 260 is something related to the date?
On the other, g3748133cd looks related to the last daily commit?

Together with these “official” builds I have also noticed these other versions:
The newest build looks like (released today, 2 december):

[1] Download - RawPedia

Hello @afre

Thanks a lot as usual for your help on this forum: it is highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Just a very dumb question: is the information about the date missing because they are daily builds?
Therefore they refer to the same day in which they are made available and the date is missing because it might be redundant…

If I have 106 and the latest download is 260, then I know I am way behind and should probably upgrade.

  • As there is an official nightly build site, I only provide builds for Skylake architecture or sometimes for Generic+SSE4 architecture.
  • I added the last commit date on request from a user.

Explanation of the different fields:

  • dev: branch name
  • 5.7 : last tag = last stable release (for RT)
  • 262 : number of commits since last tag
  • g164fab28e : hashtag of last commit
  • W64 : system
  • Skylake : target architecture
  • 191202 : date of last commit (yymmdd)

What is important is the version, here: 5.7-262-g164fab28e that permits to identify unambiguously the build.
The remaining information are here to help people to understand what was built.


Hello @gaaned92

Thanks a lot for your explanation and especially for your builds :slight_smile:

Personally, I find the label of the “official” github builds a bit less clear since they are missing the date (unless, as I suppose, they always refer to the current daily date…).

At present, they still refer to “WinVista_64.exe”.
However, in an old post on this forum, it was proposed that this reference might be deleted because Windows Vista is no longer supported by Microsoft. Although It is not a big deal keeping it though… :slight_smile:

I think that RT can no longer run on Vista. As you say not a big deal as surely nobody still uses Vista :roll_eyes:

I am working on making RawTherapee and HDRMerge’s nightly build filenaming consistent.

Hello @Morgan_Hardwood

I am working on making RawTherapee and HDRMerge’s nightly build filenaming consistent.

Thanks a lot for your hard work to improve even further RawTherapee!

Once in a while I try some new different software, both open source and commercial, but in the end I always get back to using RawTherapee :slight_smile:


Is the zip-version something like a portable version?

My build zip contains an installer, so it is not a portable version, unless you use Making_a_Portable_Installation for windows.

I intend to directly pack in the furure zips portable version without installer.

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My downloaded build (RawTherapee_dev-win64-5.7-264-gdba0d72ec.zip) comes without installer.
It contains the startable files.
Setting the ‘MultiUser’ option to ‘false’ is enough, and it’s a portable version :slight_smile: