RawTherapee nightly builds

How’s it looking?

While waiting for the windows builds, why don’t you try installing a FREE virtual machine like VirtualBox, install Linux Mint 19 FREE, and then install the RT Linux nightly build which is always bang up to date.

FREE stuff - you gotta love it, so use it.


Better yet. Just dual boot. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, @gaaned92 is providing generic builds which should run on every computer. Even on mine :rofl:

Just curious if there is a way to auto update RT Linux nightly builds within VirtualBox?

Does running in a VirtualBox create a performance hit?

I am more concerned about the colour management part that could be lost in translation; hence my advice to dual boot.

I was just curious what the issues might be in using VirtualBox. The @gaaned92 builds work fine on Windows 10 and still gives me easy access to Photoshop.

Virtualization will always have a performance hit, but this depends a lot of your hardware. Sometimes you also need to activate virtualization in your BIOS/UEFI. You also need to fiddle a bit with setting up write access shared folders. I would not recommend it for a novice. Dual boot is probably easier, but not without its own difficulties.
But other than that, a virtual machine should run RT just like you would in Windows.

There is no real auto update feature for RT, but for Linux there is a rather build script. Combined with a little git pull action, being up to date is quite easy. Apart from the build script, the procedure to be up to date on Windows is actually also not that hard… See Windows - RawPedia (I rewrote a big part of it yesterday).

Hi Mike - I found VBox did its job but was a bit slow, so I opted for the paid method by using Parallels on my machine and it performs at speeds just like my native OS.

The update process is on demand/manual and can be seen in this video I made https://youtu.be/W0sDshTezOc

Parallels isn’t free. If you aren’t looking for FLOSS, you could try VMware Workstation Player.

I have two remarks.

  • I tested the linux build script on MSYS2 ages ago and it worked. It should still work but I am not sure as I don’t use it.

  • regarding the lensfun DB
    You changed the lensfundbdir to the local Mingw64 updated DB location. But then if you copy this DB in share/lensfun as indicated in “making a bundled build” and distribute it, user will have to set DBDirectory=./share/lensfun at the first run.

Thanks! I’ll try the build script and update the docs to reflect accordingly.
I’ll try to correct the lensfun information too and report back to ask you whether my changes make sense.

Perhaps a bit off topic, but I have a question for @gaaned92 André.

I’m not sure what the PR stands for regarding this file. PR6239_5.8-2954-g21b7a788f_W64_Skylake_210524

Generally speaking, how are these PR files different from the Dev files?

There is no way RT on Paralles is as fast as RT directly on Mac.
Have you ever thought about dual booting Mac and Linux? Afaik it is possible.

With 12 cores and 98Gb of ram Anna there’s very little difference.

I already have dual boot set up for another reason on this machine.

But on a lower spec machine you are very correct in your statement.


It means that the Pull Request Improves RT window position management, fixes #6233 by Pandagrapher · Pull Request #6239 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub is included in the build .
It concerns the problem of invisible RT window.
Once accepted by the developpers, the modifications will be included in dev branch.

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Is it broken again? The windows builds are lagging behind the other version, which in any case both are from June still. I’ve got the 5.8-2983 installed on my computer and it hangs when starting up. I’ve tried absolutely everything including complete uninstallation of all rawtherapee versions with an uninstaller for cleaning up registry entries and other leftover bits, cleaning out non-image files from the picturse directory, cleaning out the custom icc profiles from the directory in windows where those are stored, then after all that re-downloading the executable for a fresh install after doing all those things. Nevertheless that build still won’t load. Hopefully the next build for windows will work on my machine!

Yes: Automated nightly builds have stopped working · Issue #6139 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Edit: please start a new thread if you have startup issues. You can also try an alternative build from here RTW64NightlyBuilds/ – Keybase.pub . In any case, you seem to have done a much more thorough cleanup than necessary.