RawTherapee vs Lightroom write-up on Fstoppers

While you may not agree with the conclusions, the author seems to keep an open mind and tries to be fair.


Fair points mostly but I don’t get what exactly he is missing in the color toning module. It’s sooo much better than LR’s split toning.

Nils did a pretty good job reviewing darktable and it looks like he has taken his time with RawTherapee as well. Its nice to get some mainstream attention, but even better that he takes the time to try and learn the software before writing about it.

Sure he won’t be a master after two weeks, but there are way too many reviewers that opened the app once then wrote the review.


Interesting review, because it shows (yet again) how some functions are not liked and others are overlooked. That’s always good to know from a development point of view. That being said, the focus in the article is mostly on usability only. Yet a staple of RT has always been the output quality and diversity of the toolbox. It’s a matter of perspective I guess.

The lack of tutorials is a weird one. I guess the author needs a word with @Andy_Astbury or @Andy_Astbury1 (who is the real one?!)

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I guess that would be me :thinking:

Let’s cut to the chase:

" Summary: Rawtherapee Falls Behind… and Yet

While Darktable could really perform well against Lightroom in its capabilities of managing your images, Rawtherapee falls far behind. One could argue that it’s simply a “therapee” for your raw files and not the anteroom. Still, it features a lot of managing extras like rating, color labels, or the search function. I only ask myself: Why?"

For me, it’s the other way around!
You can’t possibly imagine I would go to the effort of learning how RT works if at the end of it all RT didn’t give control I can’t get anywhere else!?

F Stoppers Adobe affiliation earnings - and other apps too - make any conclusions they draw somewhat circumspect to say the least.


You can definitely tell that it’s written from a LR-user perspective, mostly mentioning what RT is missing what he is used to using.

I mean… The raw tab is a pretty big deal in my opinion which he only mentions once, saying he didn’t use it at all. Same goes for the advanced tab. :man_shrugging:

Interesting link in the comments: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4546372

Perhaps someone can help him with the RT output.



He added a ‘getting started’ tutorial