Really liking the new Symmetry painting feature.

Can even play with settings to get the brush to wrap (requested this feature years ago; fantastic stuff). My question is does anyone know if they are planning to add this feature to clone and heal? :slight_smile:


Hi Lyle,
How do you find this new painting feature in GIMP?

I actually have this one pinned next to some other tools, but you can find it under Windows>Dockable Dialogs (see below). :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing that Lyle. :smiley:

Symmetry painting already works for Clone and Heal tool. I made sure of it when I implemented this, a long time ago (and tested again right now to make sure something didn’t break).

Or maybe I am missing something in your message? :slight_smile:

Just verified; should have tested this (and thought I did) but it does wrap, Thanks for the info, jehan. :slight_smile: