Recover lighttable view

Silly question, I know, but, in poking around in lighttable view (I wanted to view photos full frame and browse from one photo to the next), I managed to lose the view in lightable where tabs at upper right of the screen allow you to select ‘lightable’, ‘darkroom’, ‘other’.

I am in the lightable view, and can double click an image which then opens in the ‘darkroom’ tab. At this point, all three tabs show at top right. But, if I click on the Lightable tab, I am returned to the same Lightable view (no tabs at upper right).

I did something that has caused those tabs to be hidden in lightable view. What did I do, and how do I recover.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Ok, hitting the tab key fixed the problem.
If I knew how, I would mark this thread solved.

I did it for you :slightly_smiling_face: