Red channel suppressed when stacking with OSC_preprocessing script

Hi all! First post here, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this issue. I am currently using Siril to stack deep sky images on my MacBook Pro and I’ve noticed that the output from the red channel seems to be significantly suppressed/clipped, so much so that I have to go over into GIMP and stretch it out to see much of anything in terms of nebulosity. Even at that I’m not able to recover much detail. This has happened with multiple targets (North American Nebula and the Sadr Region) so I know it’s not specific to one set of images. I am running Siril 0.99.10-1 and using the OSC_Preprocessing script as directed in the available guide. Any ideas?


sorry for the late reply, your post got unnoticed as we mainly monitor this section of the forum:

Seems like you have not calibrated the colors before exporting and moving to GIMP. You can perform this either with photometric color calibration or regular calibration, both in the color calibration section of the Image Processing menu.


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