Register and stack handheld shot photos?

I’m trying to register and stack 20 non astro photos shot handheld using the drizzle x2 option.
For some set of pictures the method is working, for other Siril reject half of the pictures and for other it just fails.

When using script is seems to insist on looking for stars (no Enhanced Correlation Coefficient mode in scripting?). When it find stars it seems to be working.

When using GUI I cannot get the Enhanced Correlation Coefficient (planetary surfaces) to work at all.

I’m trying with v1.0.6 on windows and 1.1.0 on Linux.

Is there a way to process normal handheld photos with Siril?

Thanks for any advice!

Siril is a software dedicated to astrophotography images. If you try it with non-astro images, it probably won’t work.
Maybe Kombat algorithm implemented on the dev version could work, but no guarantee.

Yes, I found it in the pulldown menu and read the description, but I cannot get it to work.
Is there a dataset which can be used to test if it’s working or could someone confirm that it is working/not working?

Again, siril is dedicated to astronomy images. Not other images.

Is the Kombat supossed to work with registration of pictures of the moon?