Release of a new version of Siril (0.9.12)


We are glad to announce the release of a new version of Siril.
This version contains new features and bug fixes as well.

If you want to download this new version, you can get it by clicking here.
If you want to help us to continue developping this piece of sofware, please consider taking a look here.

macOS Bundle is always complicated to build. We have no macOS knowledge to produce the bundle as soon as the application is released and we are depending of volunteers to produce it. For now you can use the homebrew package.

WARNING : If you have no script menu anymore after the new installation, go the the Edit menu, then Preferences, then Misc… Clear all the Script Directories textbox and Apply. Finally, close and restart Siril.

Here a list of some new features:

New split CFA feature
Script status (line currenty executed) is displayed in a statusbar
TIFF export is now available for sequences
Added new filter: Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (often referred to as CLAHE)
Ability to open a sequence by double-clicking on seq file in file explorers


Better dialog windows management
Histogram tool refactoring
Provide new strategies for memory management, user can choose in the settings what amount to use
Provide new photometric catalog for color calibration (APASS)

Bug fixes:

Fixed stat computation on 3-channel FITS
Fixed free memory computation on Windows
Fixed a bug in RGB compositing mode, now allowing users to use multichannel image tools
Fixed crash after deconvolution of monochrome images
Fixed a bug in astrometry when downloaded catalog was too big

Clear Sky !!
The free-astro team.


Great release! (I particularly appreciate sequence export to TIFF).
Please consider including the clear sky in the next release :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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