Release of G'MIC 2.9

Silvio, I want to understand. Just in case, what:

$ gmic e "{*,u,v}"

displays for you ? It should be the resolution of your screen.

Both these computers are full-hd.
Here is the output:
gmic]-0./ 1920,1080

This second MSI computer is not mine but I can test G’MIC right now.

Here its specs:


Intel® Core™ I7-10710U | 1,1 GHz - 12 MB L3
SSD: 512 GB
RAM: 16 GB -
Display: 15,6’’ LCD Full HD
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q, 4 GB

Windows 10 Home

On my macbook pro with second Monitor 3600,1260, I get only one window with large chessboard stripe left and right and some difficult to understand interaction!. Possibly also a problem of X11 (XQuartz)

The second window is hidden, a display problem. Still size is maximum enlarged!

After several ^c I get the two windows…

OK, I’ve tried a workaround. Not a bugfix, but at least something to make it usable (as yesterday).
Could you try @Silvio_Grosso and @KaRo a $ gmic update and another try, to see if that makes things better ?

Yes at least on my Mac, improvement. Images in original size (lena,leno)

Resizing works even with ^Z. Only switching back with second ^Z produces this

Just updated rigth now (21:53 pm).
Windows 10 as usual (Monitor FULL HD)

Both images are displayed but it is no longer possible to grab their upper border to drag it.
In short, I can not resize them…

Their are displayed on the upper part of my monitor (this is why their border is not available)

Hum, another trial :

$ gmic sp landscape,4096 +b 10 dp

The 2 images (landscapes) are one of top of the other and it is somewhat possible to grab their border in order to resize them.
EDIT: actually, grabbing the border of the image above is quite difficult to say the least…

Here is the screenshot (Asus, with the monitor of 13,3 inches):

Hmm, the second window disappears with that display problem I know from Quartz. After some ^C and moving around I get the windows both visible. As I said this is IMHO an X11 problem of the Mac XQuartz!

By the way, ^O stores a 6 channel image!

?? What the hell ?? Gives a 3-channel image here.

Hello David,

Just tried on the MSI notebook (FULL HD - 15,6 inch)
Windows 10, as usual.

I can grab the border of the image underneath (landascape_c1) but no the one of the image above…

I clicked into the original window!

No error from me, it is a 4096,2731,2,3 image!

Yes, a volumetric image indeed. It’s a bug I’ve just fixed. I’m pushing a new update file in a few minutes.

ok, ^O stores the image from the respective window!

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The fact I don’t understand is why the display windows are so big.
They should never been larger than the half-size of the screen resolution, which is not the case for you. That is a mystery to me.

On my Mac the width of the monitor(s) is the ruling factor. Without 2. monitor eg lena,leno dp appear nicely side by side. Size : 1680,1028

With landscape sample its top/bottom!

With the second monitor and large width the position of the second window is difficult, with landscape image as well as lena/o the title line is outside mouse access! With help of the mac window manager it is possible with some difficulties to get the two windows side by side.

I am really glad to read this…
Because it means you are a human being and not only a super mathematician genius :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just joking of course

Unlike other French scientists who are in the spotlight right now, I don’t allow myself to say that it works when it obviously doesn’t :wink:

(see for explanations).

Hello David,

What is a strange is that yesterday, when you first released this option I have tested it on Windows 10 with many images (side by side) and it worked extremely well…
Today’s “improvements” have some nasty side-effects on Windows :slight_smile:

As an aside, there is a “famous” french scientist (probably a fraud…) that I recall quite well for his controversial pubblication on Nature:

I’ve tried another thing, to improve the placement of display windows (last experiment for tonight :slight_smile: ). Could you please try:

$ gmic up
$ gmic sp landscape,4096 +b 10 dp

Thanks for all your feedback!