Removal of the power line

Dear Pixls,
I am actually pretty happy with this lucky shot I took in Ireland a few years ago. It is HDR obviously.
However the power line hanging into the picture from the left are very distracting and I am looking for some way to remove them. Ideas? I am using DT and GIMP.
Thanks for any help. Kind regards,


Very nice picture and great processing!

I would try a careful application of the clone tool in Gimp. If you copy the pixels just above the power line, I think the alteration should not be noticeable.

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If the clone brush doesn’t work, you can select the power line and use resynthesizer’s heal selection tool.

Not just the lines, but, for consistency, you may want to remove the carrier poles too. I suggest G’MIC Inpaint[patch based].

Thanks for the good tips. Actually, I used a combination of Inpaint, clone and heal to do it.

I decided to leave the poles and the power lines to the right of the and only remove the power lines on the left. Inpaint worked well with the sky or the hills in the background. When the roof of the hut came into play it did not work properly (at least not with my settings) and I used the clone tool. I assume this is the area where you can see the modification still pretty good.

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@DanielLikesDT Since it is a critique, I will tell you where else you may be lacking.

The most distracting aspect of the image are the mountains (or hills). I am talking about the darkened edges and haloing. It happens in other locations but to a lesser degree.

Not to worry because even the Kirkjufell image that I see every time I log out of discuss has this issue. Just saying that you have room for improvement in this department.

The halo and the color does give one a idea. I can see some beautiful middle east architecture photography with such halo and shading in my head after looking at it. That being said, the halo is a nice touch, but arguably very distracting which I agree with.

I agree with your points. If I find the original Raws, I will give it another try and make it a simple exposure blending. This should help against the halos.