Renaming with the Model name goes wrong

Running 0.9.33

Just discovered that when renaming the files with a CR3 extension are not renamed correctly but the JPGs are.

# Problems while finalizing filenames and generating subfolders

\ 16x16 The filename [IMG_20220519_6067_.CR3](file:///0) was not fully generated for photo [IMG_6067.CR3](file:///1).
The Hyphenated short camera model metadata is missing.

Sorry to read you are having problems. You have provided almost no information to allow proper diagnosis of the problem — especially the log files. In any case, I have a serious typing injury right now, so there is little I can do to help in part from point you in the right direction.

  1. You need to determine whether ExifTool or exiv2 is being used to read the CR3 file metadata. You can do that using the log files, or running rapid-photo-downloader --detailed-version from the commandline.
  2. You need to determine what output ExifTool or exiv2 is giving Rapid Photo Downloader. If they differ from the JPEG output, and the JPEG output is correct, that could indicate a problem reading the metadata from the CR3 file.
  3. It’s always possible there is a problem in Rapid Photo Downloader itself, but from the information you have provided, it seems more likely to be a problem in the metadata extraction itself, which is handled by ExifTool or exiv2.
  4. read the documentation here so you know how to set Rapid Photo Downloader to use ExifTool instead of Exiv2 to read metadata.