Reprodicuble hang when browsing files


When I am using RawTherapee version 5.4 and I quickly change folders in the browser, RT regularly hangs.
This seems to happen when the current folder is still loading and another folder is selected.
RT then does not react to input and does not redraw when the window is resized. If I click close, Ubuntu offers to close the non-responding application.
It I start RT from the command line and it hangs, I can exit is via Ctlr-C on the command line, but no output appears.
Any ideas on what is going on? Except me clicking too fast?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Try the latest development versions.


RawTherapee-dev-5.4-994-gb37d88f is not affected. this bug is a thing of the past (or it is caused by the Ubuntu delivered pacage I was using) Thanks!