Reset bottom panel to show thumbnails, not a time scale

Somehow I have managed to set the bottom panel in Lighttable to show a time scale instead of thumbnails. The thumbnails show in the culling modes but not in file manager layout.

Is there a way to reset this?

Not 100% sure but I think that is normal…as in file manager or zoomable lightable you can configure the number of thumbs and scroll them…It is Ctrl F in lighttable and darkroom view to turn that panel on and off…and in the side by side culling view and full preview it is a filmstrip but I don’t recall ever using or seeing it in lighttable view when using file manager ??

I am not sure now either. I just don’t recall noticing that timescale in previous versions.

You can’t change it. Timeline is displayed in lighttable main views (where you have thumbnails) and filmstrip layout (where thumbnails are displayed horizontally at the bottom) only in other views: culling, preview, darkroom, maps views… It’s on purpose. Filmstrip is not needed when you have thumbnails displayed (in file manager and zoomable views).

You probably just have that panel closed normally…as I mentioned above you can toggle it with CTRL + F