Reshade - legit free upsampling software?

One or two forum members at DPReview have recommended Reshade as a free alternative to upsampling software like Topaz Gigapixel AI. The Reshade website ( indeed says it is (as of 2017, apparently) free; however, it does not appear to follow any of the familiar models of open-source software, honor-system freeware, etc.

Can the forum members here tell me anything about Reshade and whether it is legitimate freeware without any dangerous / malicious components?


(As a semi-aside: this is my first post here. Another DPR forum member recommends this site. I’ve been using GIMP since 2003 or so, and CHDK since probably about 2010.)

Hi & welcome! Reshade looks to be a gratis application, that is, without cost. The FAQ does not name a specific license, nor do I see a link to source code.

Gratis software is nice, but we care a lot about the libre type of free. :slight_smile:


I’m a DPR member (since 2004) too but don’t recall seeing this one. Need to visit the site more often. lol

Just visited the site and the results they show are quite impressive. Will check it out; thanks for the head’s up. :slight_smile:

OK; first attempt. I know not a great image, but it is what it is. Pretty impressed; great job with edges (but needs more cleanup with the jpegs). Just hope I didn’t install anything that will hijaak my PC. lol