Resizing after editing in devevlopment version of Rawtherapee 5.8 on Linux Mint 19.3 hangs both RT and Linux Mint

I am using RawTherapee_dev_5.8-2178-g6cc9537_20200620.AppImage on Linux Mint 19.3 because this dev. version has a FF correction fix for Huawei DNG images. If I use resizing only, no other editing features, RT works fine and ends the export to Jpeg without drama in a matter of seconds. If I go about the usual editing task first like FF correct, lens profile, WB, noise, sharpening etc. and then go to do a resize as the last thing before export to jpeg - RT either stops in capture sharpening or runs through to ready very very slowly in 4-5 minutes where after RT is freezes (hangs) and the system also either hangs or is almost completely unresponsive. If I try the same workflow using the stable version 5.8 (also appimage) this does not happen and RT runs through it all and saves the jpeg without a hick-up. Seeing I need the dev version for the FF correction is there a possible workaround or would it be best to wait for the next stable version?
Kind regards Mint

A good start would be to read and find out as much as you can about your situation. Try to turn on one module at a time and export to see which one contributes to the slow down or hang the most.

@Mint Could you please share a RAW file + pp3 processing file where this happens? I run Linux Mint in a VM, so I can try out what might be going on.

Sounds like you run out of memory. I will push a fix soon, which reduces memory usage of full export when local lab is not enabled, by 24 * width * height byte…

Maybe also related

Hi I have never placed a bug request here but I will read the instructions from the link. I was not going that way as a first simply because I felt that seeing the freeze only happens in the dev version 2178 and not in the stable 5.8 - it might not be appropriate to file a bug as it is a potential unstable version of 5.8 which was only pushed through in order to hot fix a few things. I have been able to get through the jpeg export/save in the 2178 dev version because of the remark given about checking the modules to see which is responsible for the freeze. I just tried an idea of letting RT 2178 work a bit at a time - so I simply loaded the DNG, did a few changes, unloaded, loaded again and then tried to export/save to jpeg. This time it worked, it took its time but it worked. So perhaps not a solution but a usable workaround for now. On memory - I did also think the system just chocked because it is one thing a program hangs but the whole system. However looking at System Monitor neither the CPU nor Ram was in anyway in trouble. If that actually shows if I am out of memory or not I dont know.
Kind regards Mint

Yes after a few more runs I think you are right about memory. Even though I can export, albeit it takes a wee bit of time, after 4 DNGs the system chokes. It shouldn’t with 8 GB RAM but it does (I have never ever been able to freeze Linux Mint like this in the past - it feels like my windows 8.1 machine from the good ol days. System monitor showed it had hugged 2.9 GB RAM. On testing I saw that on start up of RT it grabs 250 MB, load one DNG it jumps to 1,6 GB, load a pp3 and edit it goes to 1.8 GB. After a jpeg export it stays at 1.8 GB but loading a new DNG it goes to 2 GB without any pp3 or editing. Looks like it keeps stuff in memory (or I don’t know how to clean up in between images). Kind regards Mint

and I forgot to add RT peaks at 99% CPU (Intel i7) and 5,8 GB RAM during the export of a jpeg

Hi It sounds like the exact same thing. I dont understand how I can apply the patch or if the patch had already been implemented in RT? I tried the latest appimage for x64 linux dev-2268 but even though it seem to release RAM between DNGs (without editing) when you edit a DNG and then and export a jpeg it does the same. Freezes the computer and even after the jpeg is formed (takes several minutes) the computer is unresponsive. I need to force close or kill RT to get my computer back.
Any tricks I can try?
Kind regards Mint

Just an add on - perhaps it helps - but I thought I got my PC back after a kill process because I could write the above reply. However it was not true - it was unresponsive, programs would not open or close etc. I had to reboot.