[Resolved] Better way to fake perspective changes?

(Benrob0329) #1

I’m trying to take some images and pan the view them with a parallax scrolling type of effect. To my knowledge however Card3D does not support multiple inputs though. Moving the transform keyframe for each layer works for simple pans, but more complicated scenes start to become harder to figure out the right perspective changes.

(Omar Brown) #2

Have you tried using expressions to link the Card3D Camera Transform with an offset? What I mean is that when a card is panning, another card is moving relative to it like faking a parallax link if I understood your question.

(Benrob0329) #3

Could you link to some documentation? I have no idea how that would be done, but it sounds incredibly useful.

(Omar Brown) #4

I will try. It just came to me as a workaround and need experimentation on my part.

Omar Brown
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(Benrob0329) #5

I’ve figured it out. What you do is you copy -> copy link (all dimensions) and then paste that into the rest of the camera transform coords. You can then edit the individual transform for each Card3D node, and the perspective will change relative to that. Thanks!

(Omar Brown) #6

Cool breeze