[resolved]crash on start-up

Hi @agriggio
it seems that the last AUR version of ART crashes as soon as it is opened on my computer under archlinux … while the manually compiled version works.

here is the result of the ART command in the terminal:

/usr/include/c++/11.1.0/array:188: std::array<_Tp, _Nm>::value_type& std::array<_Tp, _Nm>::operator[](std::array<_Tp, _Nm>::size_type) [with _Tp = DCraw::CanonCR3Data::crx_data_header_t; long unsigned int _Nm = 16; std::array<_Tp, _Nm>::reference = DCraw::CanonCR3Data::crx_data_header_t&; std::array<_Tp, _Nm>::size_type = long unsigned int]: Assertion '__n < this->size()' failed.

[1] 444577 abort (core dumped) ART

and on my laptop under arcolinux, it’s the opposite, the AUR version works and the compiled version ends with an error like this:

-- Installing: /home/jllailes/programs/art/./dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 60D.dcp
-- Installing: /home/jllailes/programs/art/./dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 650D.dcp
-- Installing: /home/jllailes/programs/art/./dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 6D Mark 
CMake Error at rtdata/cmake_install.cmake:158 (file):
 file INSTALL cannot find
  "/home/jllailes/programs/code-art/rtdata/dcpprofiles/Canon EOS 6D.dcp": No
 such file or directory.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
 cmake_install.cmake:69 (include)

make: *** [Makefile:95 : install] Erreur 1

thanks for the help

Looks like an out of bounds access – I’ll fix it when I’m back.

For the second error, just rerun cmake . before recompiling

thanks @agriggio,
for the compilation it actually works (I’ll know if it happens again…)
for the AUR version, ok I wait.

hi @agriggio,
to be more precise, Art (from the AUR repository) crashes when it opens with a cr3 file in the opening folder.

Thanks, can you try with the latest master and see if it still happens?

It works !
Thanks @agriggio :+1: