Restoration of 1920 photograph

Still work to do, but I thought I would post them as a work in progress and thank the authors of Darktable in general and the retouch module in particular. It does get a little slower the more retouches you make, but this is a minor criticism.


Beautiful photograph, beautiful children. It surely deserves attention.
I remember working on a few similar photographs of a friend’s parents. I enjoyed that very much as if I was adding more life to the artifacts. I left the sepia tone as if it was part of the memory.

Please forgive me for having a go at your photograph. I wanted to see what I could achieve in GIMP. I think I got some improvement on the face of the girl on the right, but failed miserably on the others!

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@david we usually don’t mess with people’s showcase posts. Showcase posts are not PlayRAWs, showcase posts are for sharing things.

Apologies. Please delete my previous post.

@epeeist To mend the missing parts is very fine, indeed.
But doesn’t the original brownish tone look more natural
than a pure black, considering that it is an ancient shot?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

You can delete the post yourself. But please don’t, it is interesting and @epeeist and may forgive you :wink:

It would have been black and white when it was originally printed, the sepia tone is due to fading.

I think it is down to personal preference. Personally I prefer the black and white, others will probably prefer the faded look.

I may try it in duotone to see what that looks like.