grayed out wont open

After stacking in Siril, I cant open file.

Can you provide some more details please? Version of siril and operating system, plus any other details about your workflow

Thanks for the reply. I’m very new at this but hopefully I can give you some helpful data. I’m using Siri 1.0 on Windows 8.1. I ran the scripp osc preprocessing for lights, darks, flats and biases. Execution was successful and generated files on all those plus process and files. I can open all except result.

Please share the file.

And maybe a screenshot showing the file grayed out.

Thanks for responding. Revisited the computer last night after a cooling off period for me and hitting open instead of home did it. Home shows all the files so I had blinders on to see a simple solution.

Home is the button to set the working directory, not the button to open a file.