results are unfortunate when changing sort mode in lighttable like = --> >= or from ** to *** (similar when switching btween lighttable and darkroom)


Hello everybody,

I really love dt and as one now from another thread, even invested in my mashine, in order to get the most boost.

One thing makes me mad from time to time.

I use the selection mode like Gunther Wegner of, for those who know…
That means:

  • a big collection of photos will be screened and those pics I wanna modify and present I change from 0 to 1 star.
  • After a while a make further filtering from 1star to 2stars.
  • Those 2stars get modified and after the job become 3stars
  • two more filter runs finally give me the good ones (4*) and the brilliant (5*)

No it comes to the pain. During processing I want to change the filter so I change “=” to “>=” or “" to "*” or any other thing.

What happens then is dt keeps the selected foto being selected, however the ones you see (given I have 5 in a row in lighttable) are at at totally different position. In a huge collection that is a pain, to find you focus back and bad luck you click somewhere, then the focus is totally gone… :frowning:

What I than do is, I go back, memorise date and time and try to scroll by that way to the position. I would like so much, the selected foto, where I started, is in the center of the screen or the first line or configurable. Sometimes it is near by, when I just scroll up, but not always.

Am I too stupid? Is it configurable? Or did I find something, where dt can make a bigger improvement? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any help

(Mica) #2

I don’t think this will solve your problem directly, but have you thought about using some functionality from the Collect module and the Recent Collections module to make sorting your images easier?


I do use this function already and sort out the panoramas and timelapses and camera model I used. However, Madagascar was that impressive to me, we came back with ~8.1k fotos. Next step I could use the filter per day but that put me in a too narrow cage, I don’t like…

I would be already happy with a key-stroke (bring selected photo to center, if it is only one or if it fit to screen)…

(Kevin E) #4

This is a UX issue I discussed a while ago and have created an issue request for. To my knowledge there is nothing you can configure to change this behavior. The dt code needs to be modified. @wpferguson was looking to see if he could extend the lua api that we could gain control of this in plugins which could present a workable solution. I do not think he has solved that problem yet though.


So nice to see, it got noticed and taken care of it. Actually I reallized, the filmstrip underneath the photo in darkroom have same behaviour. I assume the root cause is ever the same…


(Bill Ferguson) #6

In the latest git there is the timeline module, which sits below the lighttable. It is zoomable with ctrl-mouse wheel and you can select a range of images based on time.


Dear Bill,

I checked that out right now (darned too late, so I forgot to safe my libary.db :smile: :smile: (good to have backups, but I worked a lot today, so backup is older :blush:

… Cool thing, anyhow, this similar to what I do, when I select the date in the left sidebar in the collection filter

Just when you jump, that moment you forgot which date that pic was from, where you want to have the focus to. That’s why I said above, it puts me into a too small cage. I still would be very happy to see, when that change happens and obviously just one pic is selected, that this one is in the visible area of the screen and not three or four pages down or up (my 2stars (still to be worked on) are currently 200pics and 3stars (finished) are ~900. That trip was three weeks and every day shooting :wink: So this unintended jumping is really a pain in the *ss :laughing:

it is 1:13 a.m. here so gotta sleep now