RFE: Single-click activation of file browser folders

I can almost vaguely remember this question being raised… somewhere… but I can’t find it so I’ll ask. If it’s not subject to a GTK (etc) constraint it would be nice to be able to view the contents of file browser folders with a single click, rather than double-clicking (at least as an option). I know they can be visually selected now with a single-click, but to view the images in them a double-click is required.

Unless there’s something I’m missing…


I’ll think about it, thanks for the suggestion!

Check your setting in gnome, i’m sure there is an option to adjust this. Not a gnome user here, i preffer kde and withing kde you can adjust the number of clicks, to select or use.

I’m running ART on Windows.

Yeah KDE is built on QT and while there may be a gtkrc (?) setting for it under Linux, I’m not sure how that applies to Windows (I’ve not researched it). At any rate, I think it’s hardwired in RawTherapee / ART.


you mentioned nothing about windows in your intial post, had to see your desktop through the forum! :wink:

On windows you maight be stuck, i’ve not used windows in over 20 years. You might be able to tweak a registry entry to adust this, but which one i dont know. There might be a tool to adust such a setting, i think i recall a teak tool that ms has for windows, you may want to look there for such an option.

You can set Win-Explorer to single-click, the setting is there by default, no mystic tweaks needed. But of course this doesn’t affect 3rd-party software like ART.

Exactly. ART isn’t using the WIndows API nor Windows controls, but rather GTK widgets. That’s why I think (assume?) it’s hardwired.

It’s certainly not the end of the world, but single-clicking to merely open a folder and double-clicking to initiate some kind of further action (e.g., load the image) is kind of a de facto standard, IME.


Now available on master:


Cool! I’ll update as soon I get home.


…uhh or at least when the next Windows version is released. I should know better than to read / reply on my phone in a restaurant with folks talking all around. Need to pay closer attention. :slight_smile: