Right Hand Dialog Box Split in to two rows ?


(andrew) #1

OSX 2.10.8 (gimp.org build)
I use to be able to split the right hand dialog box (in single window mode) into two rows.

But I cannot seem to be able to do this any longer ao it only will show one option…

Is there setting I can change to achieve this ?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

GIMP’s panels are all floatable, so you can drag-and-drop as needed.

(andrew) #3

Thanks @Morgan_Hardwood I know that but I cannot drag and drop so it is in to rows it just maintains one.

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

Sure you can, just plop it at the top or bottom of the right panel, as shown here by the thick horizontal golden lines:

(andrew) #5

Thank you, I’ve searched this for ages and couldn’t work it out, works perfectly when you know .