RL_out_sharp question/understanding

DT 3.6.0

RL output sharpen has a setting of jpeg output quality: 95.

How does this relate to the format options: jpeg (8bit) quality?

  • Do they have to be the same?
  • Are they cumulative? An jpeg (65%) through the RL (95%) would result in 61%?


I would hazard a guess that you should feed the RL plugin a tiff or a 100% quality jpeg. GMIC will apply the sharpening and reencode the file to a jpeg. If you start with a low quality jpeg and reencode it, the quality drops significantly.

output jpg quality: is the quality of the final jpg produced by the script
file format: is the format of the intermediate file exported by DT and fed to GMic as input. That is better to be always tiff 16-bit

Does the compression affects the output jpg?

Thank you

It shouldn’t, as tiff is a lossless format anyway

Thank you very for all the hard work and for taking the time for the info.