Rolling distros and dt-bug-reporting


Hey you all,

actually I like my Gentoo a lot, even here and there it is special in being userfriendly :wink:

Especially yesterday, where we had the flip-issue on git-master, that may become tricky, when your own distro downgrades gtk+ from 3.24.5 to 3.25.1 right the same day
(I don’t think, without reason).

I am afraid at least one bug report I did and one comment, they are quite likely based on this issue.
(I did my best to double check, that I am sure it is darktable’s issue…)

Is that just my very special experience or is now a big bunch of guys laughing out loud and recommending:
Once you have a rolling-update-distro be extra careful with big reporting

sorry if I kept you extra busy yesterday :blush:
I am afraid, this one can be closed as well should I just mark it with “solved:” in the title?

What I said in my last comment to this: suddenly also disappeared… so embarrassed…

BTW: I still have a jump to pic #1 issue, when I have the filter to =** in lighttable and I change one or several pics to *** after editing.
But currently I do not dare to report a bug report :blush: :blush:



(Mica) #2

You should probably close the issues yourself on github and comment as to what you think the origin of your issue is.



I’ll look into it this evening. Currently on the way to the office :wink:


(Morgan Hardwood) #4

@AxelG that does not seem to be the case - 3.24.5 seems to have been superseded by 3.24.7, that’s all.

3.24.5 seems to have broken combobox scrolling, so it’s a good thing they removed it.



I’m on my mobile now…

In my above initial message there was a typo

My gtx+ definitely downgraded from 3.24.5 to 3.24.1 (I’m mostly on stable, rare packages on ~amd64)

Is o.k., it was a good thing. Just my message was exactly that. I was on .5 when I thought I found bugs

I see the point, when the issue is that big, it is not purely a topic of rolling distros anymore…


(Pascal Obry) #6

@AxelG: in fact 2320 can’t be closed as it has been reproduced and is being tracked down.