RPD not shown in picklist

After installing Rapid Photo Downloader in Linux Mint 18.3, it does not show up as an option to handle downloads from my camera. The camera is mounted and browsable via the file manager, the camera is detected as a device holding photos, but RPD does not show up as a choice in the pick list for applications to handle the transfer. How can I add it manually? Any enlightenment is appreciated.


Frankly I have no idea why this stopped working. It should work, but it doesn’t. Something may have changed in Gtk or Gnome that was not documented. It’s really perplexing.

This probably is no help, but it had happened before on an install of version 0.9.5 on another computer. I ended up adding it via Custom command option in the pick list, but then the “official” entry started showing up in the pick list so I had two entries (the one I had added was named with all lower case, so that is how I was able to distinguish the two). I am unsure of what made the “official” choice show up.
I believe the Custom command file created in that instance was ~/.local/share/applications/userapp-rapid-photo-downloader/EISB6Y.desktop whereas the “official” choice is ~/.local/share/applications/net.damonlynch.rapid-photo-downloader.desktop.

I will investigate further and report my findings.


Try appending %f or %F to the Exec line.

You may need to logout/in or restart your system for changes to take effect if you don’t use desktop-file-install.

Unfortunately %f or %F make no difference. I still have no idea what’s going wrong :hushed:

Edit: it would be great to fix this bug for 0.9.9, which is ready to go apart from this bug. So if anyone has any suggestions I’m most keen to hear them!